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By Appointing a Special Real Estate Commissioner in your Case.
Cody L. Hayes is available for appointment as a Real Estate Special Commissioner,
pursuant to Rule 95(G) of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.
Our aim is to make it easy for you to appoint Cody L. Hayes as a special real estate commissioner in your case.  Please provide us with some basic information below and you will be directed to our intake form. Once complete, a proposed order will be provided to the Party or Attorney who has requested appointment of a real estate special commissioner in your case.  If you have questions about using this website, please call 480-300-5777.
Cody L. Hayes is a licensed real estate salesperson with Home Brokers Realty, Inc. located at , Broker Tom Burt can be reached at (480) 940-8222. Cody Hayes can be reached at (480) 300-5777.  The purpose of this website is to facilitate appointment of a special real estate commissioner in Superior Court Cases in Arizona and is not for the purpose of marketing real estate to the public.  Cody Hayes is an attorney licensed in the State of Arizona, however, services provided as a real estate special commissioner do not create an Attorney Client relationship.  Mr. Hayes will not provide legal advice within his capacity as a Special Commissioner.